Fixed Savings Account

This is a fixed savings account, whereby a member cannot make a withdrawal from the account until after registered duration, the advantages to this savings account is that the member can have a large amount of money to withdraw from his/her account at the end of the mandatory registered duration.

With our savings account, you will earn a good investment profit rates our plan as follows:-

  • 2 months savings - 1.2% Per Term
  • 4 months savings - 3.3% Per Term
  • 6 months savings - 5.5% Per Term


  1. Opening balance from N1,000
  2. Interest rate depends on duration, (e.g) "1.2%", "3.3%" and "5.5%" Per Duration.
  3. Member that withdraw within the mandatory 2 months, forfeit his/her interest.
  4. Cash pick up services at member's location, thereby ensuring regular deposit without stress which can be arranged Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  5. Access to quick credit facility on current account to enable member fund working capital needs based on fixed savings account turns over.


  1. Fixed Savings Account Form
  2. Identification Card
  3. Proof of Address (Utility bill)
  4. 2 x Recent passport photograph