Thrift Collection

This is a savings account like "Ajo or Esusu" where our dedicated team of staffs go to the member’s location to collect their intended savings on a daily basis (Monday – Saturday) at the convenience of our members through manual collection or POS, thus making it possible for them to save in their account right from their location without stress. This is a savings account with many of benefit existing small businesses and individuals who want to grow their income and member can get access to financial facility based on the account turnover.


  1. Opening balance from N500.00
  2. Daily payment collection
  3. Cash pick up services at member's location, thereby ensuring regular deposit without stress.
  4. Access to quick credit facility on account to enable member fund working capital needs based on thrift collection turns over.
  5. Our service charge is 3% of total savings deducted during collection.


  1. Thrift Collection Form
  2. Recent passport photograph